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Working process 


  • We prioritize our customers' needs above all else.

  • We meticulously research, identify, and source suppliers for your products, ensuring they align with your specifications.

  • Our comprehensive procurement services cover every aspect of your supply chain in China.

  • Our ultimate goal is to reduce your overall purchasing costs and enhance your efficiency

Quality check 

  • We take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to quality in accordance with European standards. When selecting suppliers, we rigorously audit and evaluate each one, with a specific focus on quality standards, social responsibility, and working conditions for employees.

  • We are dedicated to continuous improvement and development, aligning our quality standards with market expectations. Quality checks are conducted at various stages, including the inspection of incoming raw materials, during production, and before the dispatch of goods.

  • As your expert procurement partner, we act as intermediaries between manufacturers and customers, fostering growth for both parties and emphasizing the cultivation of long-term partnerships with a focus on improvement.

Supplier sourcing 

  • We meticulously assess and choose suppliers that align with the specific needs of our customers.

  • We conduct thorough and stringent supplier audits and evaluations. Our selection criteria prioritize suppliers who adhere to our ethical guidelines regarding working conditions and environmental standards.

  • We provide competitive pricing along with a superior level of service, delivering top-notch quality that meets European standards.

  • Throughout the entire process, from product sample testing to production and eventual changes, we maintain close monitoring to ensure the final delivery aligns with our customers' expectations and meets their utmost satisfaction.


  • We engage in negotiations to secure the most favorable shipping rates and take charge of logistics management on behalf of our customers.

  • We maintain continuous oversight of all our customers' orders and shipments, actively working to minimize the risk of delays and providing regular updates at various stages of the shipment process.

Technical support and negotiation

  • We oversee the sample testing process prior to serial production, ensuring that the products meet the customers' demands for quality, lead time, and service.

  • We ensure that all requirements are met prior to commencing serial production.

  • We handle negotiations with suppliers and provide competitive pricing to our customers.

  • Our approach ensures that customers pay the appropriate price for the desired quality.

Final delivery 

  • We play an active role on behalf of our customers, managing the entire supply chain process. This includes overseeing every aspect, from sample testing and technical discussions to serial production and logistics.

  • Our commitment extends to ensuring that product quality and delivery punctuality consistently meet our customers' expectations. 

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